Why We Need Networking More Than Ever

Why We Need Networking More Than Ever

It’s fair to say we’ve been pretty deprived of face-to-face communication and human interaction up until now. After almost two long years of “pivoting” and seeking out new working solutions, the rise of WFH (Work From Home) and WFA (Work From Anywhere) lifestyles is undeniable. But what of all this virtual communicating when it comes to building long-lasting, meaningful relationships and connections?

Let’s take a look at some stats.

According to HubSpot and Review42

  • Remote (online) meetings generate an average of 10.43 ideas, whereas in-person meetings generate an average of 13.36.
  • 95% of people say face-to-face meetings and communication are “essential” for long term business relationships.
  • The close rate for in-person meetings is 40%.
  • 68% of entry-level employees value face-to-face networking more than online.

Clearly, the odds are in favour of face-to-face connections, especially when it comes to fostering long-lasting relationships –and we all know retaining your customers is far easier and more profitable than constantly seeking out new ones. Additionally, despite the fact that as of July this year, 83% of professionals were working remotely, only 39% were socialising more online than in person (what can we say? we’re social animals).

It seems a no-brainer that the sooner we return to face-to-face networking opportunities, the better, especially for those just starting out, or account managers who want to maintain their relationships with clients. Indeed, 95% of people agree that better business relationships are built through face-to-face meetings, making the effort of networking in person ultimately worthwhile.

And they are returning, slowly but surely. While the increased global emphasis on hygiene may mean some will be hesitant to attend the first event they’re invited to, in which mingling with strangers and exchanging handshakes (or elbow bumps, whatever works) is inevitable, the value of in-person networking is sure to make itself known quickly. 

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