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Our drive.

We’re here to be the global leader in contact exchange. With enhanced information sharing technology, lead-capturing capabilities and a seamless user experience, we’re your first step to success.


In response to the current landscape’s emphasis on digital connection platforms such as LinkedIn and Zoom, we foresee a heightened value placed on face-to-face meetings.

As human beings, we thrive in each other’s company – we’re social animals! So, as face-to-face returns, we help ensure every interaction is meaningful while still cognisant of personal well being.

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Seal the deal with Tapt

You’ve tapped your card to buy a coffee. You may have even tapped your card to buy a car!

Now, you can tap a card to make connections.

Tapt Set Up

Each individual Tapt Card is integrated with an N-TAG213 chip, which incorporates RFID technology to allow mobile devices to utilise their NFC background reading capabilities. Phew! That’s a lot of tech jargon. But we’re not here to bore you.

All you need to know is that the Tapt Card comes ready to use, with no app download required.

Let's make it simple for you.

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Access your personalised dashboard with the login credentials emailed to you.

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Confirm you are happy with your design so we can print the cards and ship them to you.

Easily the best sales icebreaker on the market.

Fantastically effective tool.