Corporate Gifting With Tapt

Forget the hampers that go half-eaten and give the power of connection this festive season. The Tapt digital business card offers seamless contact exchange and extensive customisation capabilities, for a gift they won’t be able to stop talking about.

What Makes Tapt the Perfect Corporate Gift?

Tapt is an innovative digital business solution that doubles as a hygienic and eco-friendly way to connect. Its sleek and customisable appearance also makes a fabulous first impression, so there’s no way to go wrong when gifting with Tapt.

Why They'll Love It:

The Tapt digital business card will totally eliminate the need to carry around stacks of paper business cards. They’ll love receiving a Tapt card because it is infinitely customisable, easy-to-use and features cutting edge technology sure to leave a lasting impression.

We create a template to use across all your corporate gifts
Note: you can have your logo printed on their card so they remember who gifted them

You provide us with the relevant printable data for example if you want their name number printed on the card, you will need to supply us with that information

When the recipient receives their card, they can apply their contact details

Interested? Please enquire below for the next steps.