Tapt is a networking platform that allows you to share important business information with others using hi-tech and customisable pages.

You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression. With Tapt, we ensure that your first impression is meaningful.

No, the purpose of Tapt is that you only have one card. This card you use to tap onto someones phone to pass on contact information and then put it straight back into your purse/wallet - similar to a credit card.

Of course, for whatever reason some people may need more than one Tapt Card (ie one to keep in their purse/wallet and another to keep in their car). Nonetheless, we recommend only one card per person.

Nope! That's the beauty of Tapt. Have someone just tap your product, or scan your QR code with their camera, and they instantly have your info. No app required.

There are currently no ongoing fees, however there may be some opt-in subscriptions for new features in the future.

You can tap on virtually all phones. Depending on the phone however, the tap is slightly different. 

All iPhones, from Xs onward, have NFC reading capability automatically turned on. For older phones, use the QR code or click the NFC icon in the control center to tap the card on the device.

Android's NFC reader is at the middle back of the phone. All modern Android phones have NFC reading capability (switched on as is standard).

Sometimes Android users can inadvertently switch NFC off. Ensure this is switched on for the 'tap' to work. If you are having any issues, use the QR code –it does exactly the same thing.

We are based in Melbourne, Australia.

The Tech

Each individual Tapt Card is integrated with an N-TAG213 chip, which incorporates RFID technology to allow mobile devices to utilise their NFC background reading capabilities. Phew! That’s a lot of tech jargon. But we’re not here to bore you.

All you need to know is that the Tapt Card comes ready to use, with no app download required.

Once your order has been placed, the address you used to place the order will receive an email with login credentials to your dashboard. Once logged in for the first time, follow the blue set up banner to set up your cards.

You can either set up your card individually using the ‘Set Up Now’ Button, or set up all your cards at once using a CSV file.

Feel free to contact us if you are having any problems setting up your cards.

Despite phones being able to read NFC (the chip used in our cards) for nearly 10 years, only recently has it been able to read this technology without any apps installed in the phone. 

Previously, you had to download an NFC-reading app which allowed you to tap. Now, smartphones offer ‘background reading capabilities’ –which means it’s constantly running in the background.

Details include profile picture, name, company name, job title, mobile number, office number, address, website and notes.

Images can be uploaded in PNG, JPG or PDF format

Files uploaded in PDF format

Design template in AI or PDF format

As many LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter profiles as you have. You can also add files and custom quick links. For example, a property brochure.

Each user will receive an email with their login details to manage their cards. Once logged into your dashboard, you can navigate to your unique Tapt Cards, where you can edit your contact details.

Click here to read our Technical Security Practises Document.


Yes - you can either design the card yourself using our design template (requires Adobe software) or alternatively, provide us with design specifications so we can design your cards for you (no additional charge).

The only difference between Tapt Black and Tapt Custom is the customisation. With the Tapt Black you can only apply your name and mobile number, whereas with the Tapt Custom you can fully customise the card by applying your brand logo, colouring and fonts.

Tapt Black are usually suitable for sole traders or professionals without branding. Both cards are made of recycled plastic.

There are no additional charges to utilise our graphic design team. We do however require an order to be placed before engaging in design work. We will do our best to service your needs.

Please note that you are entitled to 3 free edits. Any additional edit will incur a cost of $20.00AUD.


We aim to have cards delivered within 14 days (assuming we have all the required information) however, this turnaround time is subject to the order quantity and type.

Yes - we ship globally.

We make your cards locally in Melbourne, Australia.

We accept the following payment methods: Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal.

You are able to order a replacement card for $49.95AUD.